How careful you are to wash your hands

If everyone had cleaned hands, then the number of infections would have been reduced to half. This information is from the World Health Organization. Cleanliness awareness is the most important to reduce invasive diseases. Washing hands right in the right time is a great element of this awareness.

When deciding how to clean hands, to ensure the well-being of the family. Make the children of the family aware about this, teach them also. Teach your family maid, neighboring people If necessary, talk about it at the restaurant, at the food store.

When to wash hands

l Before preparing or serving food

l Food time, play with spoon

l After changing the toilet and after changing the diapers of the children

l after catching animals or feeding or feeding

l nose rash, after sneezing and coughing

l After cleaning the house’s dirt-rubbish, cleaning the house, working in the garden or eating or working any soil

l Come back from the outside, after stairs, railing, door handle or handling the vehicle

l After serving the sick person

l After touching hands with others

How to wash hands

A soap is enough to wash hands well. Put your hands under the water of the water and first well soak it. Then put the soap in the entire hand. After 20 seconds, clear the palms of your palms, fingers, fingers, nails, and even wrists. Then wash all the soap in the water stream. Do not remove the dirty towels or clothes in hand.

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