The Chinese President claped through the smartphone game

A smartphone game in China has become viral. To play a game called Tencent, you can install a specific app to play and clap your hands on the smartphone screen.
In the last three days the game has been played 120 million times Originally, the app was designed to make smartphone users clutter for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This week the app has been released in the market on the occasion of the fifth session of the Chinese Communist Party. The five-day closed-door conference will conclude on Tuesday. Decisions will be taken about who will lead China’s power for the next five years from this session.

Xi Jinping has spoken in the session for three and a half hours. The participants in the game were shown part of his speech. Then they are encouraged to hear that statement how fast they can punch on the phone screen. Using the app, the number of times you want to be greeted by the President for 19 seconds on the phone screen.


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