Spain declares freedom to be separated from Catalonia

Catalonia has announced independence from Spain completely. Today, the Catalunya regional parliament decides to declare independence in voting.
When Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Raho was speaking about direct ruling in Catalonia, shortly after that, the Catalan parliament gave its verdict on the declaration of independence.

According to the BBC, 70 people were voted for independence in the Catalunya regional parliament. 10 votes cast against The opposition’s opposition boycott this vote.

Spain’s Prime Minister Rahai said it was necessary to introduce direct rule in Catalonia to regulate democracy, stability and law and order situation.

Earlier, on October 1, the referendum was organized in Catalonia, ignoring the barrier of the center. 90 percent of the voters gave their verdict in favor of Catalonia. The government of Spain called the referendum illegal and unconstitutional.

On October 21, the government of Spain decided to take the action of cancellation of the Catalonia government by calling it a ‘separatist government’. The Spanish Ministry gave the vote for the cancellation of the government, so that the regional government did not declare independence. At that time, the Spanish Prime Minister said that the regional leader of Catalonia’s independence, Carlos Pujeman, organized a one-party and non-extradition referendum. In addition to this, it is also said to take initiatives to hold fresh elections in that region.

In response, the Catalonia regional head of government Carlos Pozeman described the decision as the political coup and the former dictatorship of Spain, Franko-the biggest political disorder behind.
The Constitution of Spain gives the power to take control of a rebel region. Since then the government of Spain was thinking of introducing direct governance in Catalonia.

Catalonia in the wealthy region of Spain Population 75 million Its capital is Barcelona. The region has its own language and culture. Five years of independence is going on. But in 2015 the Provincial Parliamentary Elections of Catalonia got absolute majority in the freedom fighters. Through this fruit of the election, Catalonia has progressed from Spain to the formation of a new state.

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