60 percent of US woman are victims of sexual harassment

60 percent of US women voters are victims of sexual harassment. Two-thirds of them said they were victims of sexual harassment at work. This is known in the survey of the University of Queenstake University. The university released the survey on Tuesday and published it on Tuesday.

At that time, the survey was published when there was a leakage of information from the country’s politics to the sexual world in the film world. Only 20 percent of the US voters said they were victims of sexual harassment. 60 percent of them said they were also harassed at workplace.

According to the survey, 69 percent of women are sexually abused, 43 percent are in social media, 45 percent are streets and 14 percent are sexually harassed at home. From 15th to 20th November, the result of the survey was determined by interviewing 1,515 men and women of the country. The Hill

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