Pakan Pita

Winter means the time to prepare different types of cakes. Different people choose different types of cakes. Someone’s choice is filled with potsapata, somebody’s milk-laden puddy, some people like to have a cup of juice. A lot of food is done in the juice of roasted pajamas.


2 cups liquid milk

2 cups rice powder

One pinch of salt

Two eggs

2 teaspoons ghee

For the shirk

2 cups sugar

4 cups of water


1) Make the milk warm in a saucepan. Salt to this day is a little. If the milk is blossomed, then immediately add rice powder to it. Mix rice powder and keep it low for 5 minutes. Take it down again. The mixture will be dried dry.

2) Create vein on this gap. Combine water and sugar together and boil 5-7 minutes more. A little thin vein.

3) Prepare rice powder yeast. Separate the eggs and mix them a little bit with yeast, do not give it at all. Gather with it. See if the ghee is not too soft. Make a paste with a small mold or a cookie cut. Make all the cakes together and then fry them.

4) Heat oil for frying pan. Petha one side reddish golden and then turn it upside down. Slow down on both sides. You can lift the oil directly from the veins. Cover the cough with a spacing of 2-3 hours. If you wish, you can prepare the milk in it and make a paste of this cake.

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