Rahul’s challenge to Shehzad

Maharashtra Congress Committee Shehzad Punawala, sitting directly challenging Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on the eve of presidential election In a letter to Rahul, he said, drop the post of vice president. Give the right to vote for the actual representatives. I’m ready to compete against you.

Shehzad Punhawala writes in the letter, that which is going to be called Enforcement Enrollment Voted with the favorite representatives. To Rahul, he said that this is a democratic party’s election. Certainly not a family business.

The process of election for the post of Congress has begun. Rahul’s name Congress Working Committee has already been unanimously proposed. If any candidate does not submit nomination papers, Rahul will be declared unanimously in December without a contest. But this challenge just a few days ago.

Shehzad knows the consequences of giving Rahul the challenge. He wrote that, he says, ‘It takes courage to raise a voice against injustice. Let me and you take part in the television debate about what you think about the team. “In the letter, he wrote,” I agree to fight if I vote in accordance with the party’s constitution. But what is going to happen in the name of the vote is that farce. Filled with money Those who voted, none of them are elected by the rules. Everyone is nominated. “He also said this to Rahul, that there should be a rule in Congress that a single family member can get the party ticket.

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