A 500-year-old picture of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings was sold at record prices last month in New York. Vichy’s painting ‘Jesus Christ’ was sold for about $ 450 million. The value of Bangladeshi money is about 3 thousand 700 crore. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has bought the painting anonymously Although the name of the buyer is not known, Wall Street Journal cited the US Intelligence Agency on Thursday, saying that Prince Salman has purchased the painting. Recently, in the name of the anti-corruption campaign, the Saudi government seized about 200 people including Prince and businessman. Prince Salman is led by the expedition.

He is a relative of the prince of the prince. According to a senior source involved in industrial activity in the Middle East, according to him, Prince Salman has purchased the painting in his name. In the last one year Prince Badar bin Abdullah took part in various auctions and bought big houses. It is believed that he did not buy these houses for himself. Someone took part in an auction. Another source from the intelligence agency said that while Badar is the name of the paper, the main buyer is Prince Salman. The identity of the buyer was not known last month. He took part in the auction for 20 minutes on the telephone. Luvar Abu Dhabi, the museum on Wednesday said that the painting will be in place.

The art sold at the record price is known as ‘Salvatato Mundi’ (World’s Savior or Sevier of the World). For any painting it is the highest ever auction record. The British auction house Christie was very happy with this. It is believed that ‘Salvatto Mundi’ was drawn in some years after 1505. And it was in private collection. The final price was $ 400 million in the auction of the painting. With the different fees, the value of this was worth 450 million dollars. In the painting, it is seen that Jesus Christ is holding one hand, and on the other hand he is holding a round glass. This painting was sold for $ 60 in 1958 in London. At that time, Leonardo himself did not draw the artwork. This is to draw a follower of it. This painting is not yet recognized worldwide by Leonardo.

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