Bangladesh has conquered space through satellites: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh has won the space through Bangabandhu satellite-1 launch. The successful launch of Bangabandhu-1 satellite has been done. We are with the rest of 57 other countries in the world today. It is possible that the people of the country voted for Awami League.

On Saturday (May 12th), he said this while inaugurating the Mugda Nursing College and Institute and Research Institute in the capital. Health Minister Mohammad Nasim presided over the function. Local MPs Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Health Minister Zahid Malek spoke as special guests.

The Prime Minister said that because people voted in the boat, Bangladesh Awami League formed a government and was working very well for the development of the country. And as a result of this work we are able to take Bangladesh to space

He said, “Father of the Nation Bangabandhu’s dream was that Bangladesh would be recognized as a dignified nation in the world. He realized that it would not be possible to continue progress and progress if he could not maintain continuous communication with the outside world. That’s why, in just three years of independence, in 1974, he established the first satellite ground station at Batbuniya in Rangamati, through which the opportunity to establish direct communication between Bangladesh and abroad is created.

The Prime Minister said, “Today we are going to step forward in implementing the dreams of the Father of the Nation through launching its own satellite Bangabandhu-1. Today, satellite or satellite is going to be associated with IT. From today we are also a proud member of the satellite club. I entered a new era. ‘

The Prime Minister said, “We are going ahead with information technology as a successful launch of satellite bangabandhu-1. It is possible to provide Internet services on the hills. Not only entertainment, it is possible to offer e-treatment through this satellite. Besides, foreign currency can be obtained by renting some parts of the satellite.

He said Dhaka City is now very big. With this we also increased the hospital. Thousands of nurses will come out from this institution and will serve the people. Local MP Saber Hossain Chowdhury will do a medical university in his own area, it will be allowed.

The Prime Minister said, the attitude of serving doctors and nurses is the biggest thing of this profession. They should always have the mentality that when a person comes to a patient, half the patient may be better off using a doctor or a nurse, speech and sympathetic attitude than a medication. Honestly, responsibility – he said these things are very important.

‘But I do not blame. Because our country’s population is so much, and doctors and nurses are so much less than that, so many patients have to see that it always makes it difficult to keep the mood of all. ‘

But in this regard, the doctors need to be restrained themselves, the Prime Minister said, “Doing a government job day after day, and going private in the night, then the mood will be very bad. It’s very normal. In that case, you should calculate how much you can hold. That’s how it works. ‘

Although the medical service of Bangladesh is more advanced day, the Prime Minister has questioned diagnosis and diagnosis. He said, ‘I see one thing, why is there a big mistake in diagnosis? So those with whom you diagnose, there are many modern machines, now they need to make them fit, like reading, enough people to be seen. “In this case, the instructor asked the government to know what to do with the initiative to take appropriate action. Hasina. The government will do it all.

Referring to this issue should be taken seriously, the Prime Minister said, if there is anything, the patient should now run in Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, India and many other countries. He asked, ‘Why?’ ‘And if they can do well then why can not we? This question often reminds me, why can not we? Why can not we? We also have to pass. We will also be able to give equally, respectable medical services, “said the Prime Minister.

Regarding the maintenance of the ambulance, the Prime Minister said, “If a wheel of our ambulance is wasted, then the four wheeled ceilings are used to collect money from the government treasury for that one wheel. This is the real thing. ‘If the ambulances hire a part of the ambulance, then the process will be much faster if it is kept for repair and maintenance of the ambulance. This issue is more in the public sector. So at least government ambulances need to take this action.
‘I know, the money ministries will get a barrier. Say System Loss But for a single wheel that is being washed for two days, the loseta does not enter anyone’s head.

If the proposal is made in the next two days for the maintenance of the ambulance from the health ministry during the budget preparation, then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will take action in this regard during the 14th meeting.

Note that today is International Nurses Day. Florence Nightingale was born on this day of 1820. In his honor, on May 12, the worldwide celebration was celebrated. Like other countries of the world, the day is celebrated through various programs in Bangladesh.

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