Patishapta Pitha


Rice Flour 2 to 3 Cups, Salt quantitatively, Full cream liquid milk 1 litre, Khejur gur quantitatively, Suji 2 tablespoons, Coconut 3 to 4 tablespoon, Corn flour 1 to 2 cups.


1. First of all, you have to make some Khirsha.

2. Boil some milk with another pane.

3. After that, stir and mix together the Coconut baked, Suji and Jaggery.

4. And take the stirred item when it is well fried.

5. Strain and mix the Rice Flour and Corn Flour together.

6. And the, mix them with hot water.

7. Remember that, the mixing should not be too thick or thin.

  • Now, heat some oil in another pan and leave quantitatively mixed flour in it.
  • Try to make it bread-shaped.
  • After that, put the Khir on the bread that has already made.
  • Spread the Khir around the bread with a spoon.
  • After that, make a size as your preference and take it after a while.

    In the month of Magh, I made a lot of pattisapta cake, everyone enjoyed playing together.

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