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Rahul’s challenge to Shehzad

Maharashtra Congress Committee Shehzad Punawala, sitting directly challenging Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on the eve of presidential election In a letter to Rahul, he said, drop the post of vice president. Give the right to vote for the actual representatives. I’m ready to compete against you. Shehzad Punhawala writes in the letter,

Pakistan’s ‘treasure hunts’

The people of Pakistan-controlled parts of Kashmir Valley are said to be sitting on the treasury. Millions of rubies are under the soil of this region, whose market value is close to half a billion dollars. But due to lack of resources and investment, they have to keep the treasure under the

Boyfriend fluttered in the burning car

An inhuman incident that took place in Brooklyn Queen’s Expressway in New York on Friday morning, with a terrible car accident. After the accident, a young man named Syed Ahmad was cut to death by hanging himself in a car. And soon after being burned alive lover hurlin. It is learned that