It is possible to heal an infected person with the blood plasma of a recovered patient

Patients with the Kovid-19 epidemic are not being protected with antiviral, interferon and asthma drugs or even ventilators. More than 1 lakh people have died tragically. Everyone’s goal now is to find a way to prevent this death.
Fever, cough, and sore throat occur after being infected with the Covid-19 virus. The corona virus then spreads throughout the body and attacks the lungs. During this inflammation, various types of cytokines and chemokines are secreted in large quantities, causing cytokines in the lungs. Then the patient cannot breathe. Slowly moving towards death. If it is possible to create passive immunity in the patient’s body at this stage, it will be possible to stop this death procession. The risk of drug testing is low, there is success.
Simply put, patients who have recovered from Covid-19 need to have their blood plasma applied to a severely infected person. Then the body of the severely infected person will quickly develop immunity. The patient will come back from the brink of death.
Before the discovery of effective treatment for the Spanish influenza-pneumonia, later polio, Ebola, and SARS viruses in 1917, results were obtained using this passive immunotherapy, that is, invasive plasma (containing antibodies to neutralize the virus). The use of this convoluted plasma on some patients in China has recently resulted in patients recovering and more research is underway. Studies have shown that applying this deadly disease, especially to the elderly and health workers, will greatly reduce the risk of death.
Hyperimmune or convulsive plasma refers to the blood plasma of a person who has just been infected with the Covid-19 virus. This plasma contains a large number of neutralizing antibodies, which can rapidly render the Covid-19 virus useless. For this, the blood of the patient who has recovered from Kovid-19 has to be collected and stored. Patients whose condition worsens after this need to have hyperimmune plasma applied to their body. This treatment will reduce the risk of death, as well as a way to heal critically ill patients until a vaccine or drug is discovered.