Scientists have made ‘antibodies’ that can lose corona

The novel coronavirus has caused a catastrophe all over the world. It is destroying the pride of human civilization and science. There is no medicine, no antidote. Just waiting for death. Scientists from different countries of the world have started to make a medicine or vaccine. Haven’t seen the face of success yet.

Scientists in the Netherlands have finally heard the message of hope. Says they have been able to create an ‘antibody’ in the laboratory that is capable of defeating the novel coronavirus. It is a landmark step in the treatment of Kavid-19 and prevention of the spread of the epidemic.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Communications on Monday, the experimental antibody discovered by scientists will be able to treat diseases related to Cavid-19 and prevent infection with the virus. Clinical trials need to confirm whether this is really working, said Berend-Jan Bosch and colleagues at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

This antibody, known as 47D11, attacks the spike protein of the coronavirus and inactivates it by wrapping its spikes with a crown. As a result, the virus loses its ability to enter new cells. In Utrecht’s experiment, it not only defeated the virus responsible for Kavid-19, but also the corona cousin SARS virus, equipped with the same type of spike protein.