There is ‘effective evidence’ of remedicative in preventing lung damage

Scientists say they have found “effective evidence” that the injection of RemDCV in the US pharmaceuticals Gilead can protect the lungs of coronavirus sufferers. Evidence has been found in research on monkeys infected with corona.

The news agency Reuters quoted a report published in the journal Nature on Tuesday.

According to the report, 12 monkeys were infected with the new virus and injected with RemDCV. Half of them are treated at the beginning of the infection.

However, no monkeys showed any signs of respiratory disease after taking RemDCV. At the same time the drug has reduced their lung damage. In addition, fewer viruses have been found in the lungs of animals treated with REMDCV.

Researchers suggest that patients should be given RMDCV as soon as possible to prevent pneumonia after the corona is positive.

RemDCV is the first drug that has been shown to be effective in preventing corona in the human body. Most of the countries of the world including Bangladesh are using this medicine. It has been said for so long that the use of RemDCV reduces recovery time. In other words, this medicine takes less time than the time when the Covid-19 patient recovers from the use of other drugs.

U.S. scientists first reported the matter last April. But at that time no medical

journal was given academic validity. This has given academic validity to the first.