27 Oct, 2017

Shrimp Paste

Shrimp with hot rice is very tasty to eat paste. This item can be cooked instantly. Find out how to cook paste shrimp

Shrimp – 500 g
Mustard – 1 table spoon
Garlic – 6 Kwa
Pepper powder – 1 teaspoon of sugar
Sugar-like taste
Oil – 1 cup
Paste grain – 2 table spoons
Tomato – 1
Black pepper – 1 teaspoon
Salt-like taste
Yellow powder – 1 teaspoon
Water – like the need
Wash the shrimp well. Heat the oil through the pan over medium heat. Swamp the shrimp with hot oil and salt. Grate the shrimp when light is fried.
Bake banana grains, garlic and mustard together. Serve hot in the stove and add salt. Heat oil in a bowl of 2 tablespoons of oil. After a few seconds keep stirring with chili powder and paste-mustard bowl. Leave the oil on the yellow, salt and sugar. Take 1 minute dough and keep aside the shrimp. Shake some water for a while. Cook 5 to 10 minutes. When cooked, sprout down the Dhanepata and sprinkle with hot rice.

26 Oct, 2017

Attack on Swiss tourists couple near Taj Mahal

A Swiss tourist couple has been attacked in the Fatehpur Sikri attack near Taj Mahal, a popular tourist center in Agra, India. A senior police official said that four miscreants attacked the couple with the help of a counter-insurgency.

The incident happened last Sunday but it is known later. Local media reported that Kointech Jeremy Clerk had a head injury and Marie Druze’s hand broke. They are now being treated in a Delhi hospital. However, no one was arrested yet in connection with the incident. Clerk ‘The Times of India’ tells the newspaper that the four people are taking pictures without the permission of him and his wife. But he forbids them to not take pictures.
Meanwhile, the police are quoted as saying that they forced Ms. Droz to take shelf with them and continued to follow them for the next one hour. After that, they stabbed the couple with sticks. Both of them were seriously injured. Agra police officer Amit Pathak said the suspects were identified and will be arrested very quickly.

He said ‘The couple came to the police station but did not report any. However, we have framed charges against those four people and sent them for treatment in the hospital. “Meanwhile, the central government took the matter seriously. Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday said the government in Uttar Pradesh has submitted the report of the case. BBC and Times of India

25 Oct, 2017

Shawumi, Appo got F grade, Samsung de minas

China’s mobile brand Appo, Shawomie and Vivo are the most harmful smartphones for the environment. A report by Greenpeace, which is working with the Netherlands-based environment, has emerged.

Greenpeace lists 17 world-class smartphone companies in front of three issues. The topics they have put forward are: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the use of electricity, and the use of durable material in production and the use of harmful chemicals. In this list, China’s Apple is known as Shaoami, then Appo and Vivo are all below. Another Chinese brand Huawei has this report in the grading method, below the list.

The Netherlands-based Fair Phones, the phone has got B-grade on top of the list of eco-friendly phones. Apple got second place B minas These two organizations are at the top for transparency in the use and management of renewable energy. The Chinese company Appo, Vivo, Shawumi, got the F grade or F grade American companies with American companies in the ‘False’ test have Amazon In addition, among other major companies, Microsoft has scored a score of CN Minas, LG D Plus, Google De Plus, Huawei D and Samsung De Minas.

According to the Green Pies report, Samsung is lagging behind the use of renewable energy. And world-renowned brands like Shawumi, Appo, Vivo and Huaweo have taken away one-fourth of the world’s smartphone market, but the promise of greenhouse gases emanating from the implementation has gone away. The US company Amazon is considered one of the most opaque institutions.

23 Oct, 2017

Maradona Suddenly at the Wembley Stadium

Diego Maradona became guest at Tottenham Hotspur match at Wembley Stadium. He supports the team in the game. At the end of the first half, he displayed his own self-titled Hotspur jersey. In the presence of Argentine football legend Spirras won 4-1 goals against Liverpool.

The former coach of the team Mourinho Pachtino Argentina is the former footballer. “I saw him before the match,” said Tottenham coach in the presence of Maradona. I got emotional when I saw him. It was difficult to keep going to the dagout. Because when you see a player like Maradona in front of you, then everyone will want to stay with him.

Recalling the time spent with Maradona at Newell Old Boys, Pachtino said, “I spent time with him almost 20 years ago. He is the best player in football history. So every moment spent with her is thrilling. He is a great man. ‘

23 Oct, 2017

Two people in the UK ended the hostage drama, gun arrest

Two people hosted hostage in Bouling Allie, Newton, in the United Kingdom of Central England. Police have arrested him. There is no link with terrorism, police said.

Bauling Allieh Chief Executive Mehdi Amasya praised the police, said a gunman entered suddenly and urged everyone to come out. After two hostage two. Police came to arrest him after three hours of trying. The Guardian

21 Oct, 2017


There is no good day in the rainy day of rain. Many are now imprisoned at home. There is a desire to cook something new at this time, but there is no way to buy the materials that go out! Donuts can be made by wearing socks. The soft turtle Donut’s recipe contains very few ingredients. You can make home made ingredients, and you do not need oven for it!


Half cup of liquid milk

Sugar 3 tablespoons of sugar

East tea

Flour 2 cups

Eggs 1

1 tablespoon of powdered milk

Salt half tea spoon

Butter two tablespoons

Oil for frying

For the glove

Icing Sugar Semi Cup

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

2 tablespoons of liquid milk

Vanilla Assens 3/4 Drops



1) Take a container to mix liquid milk, sugar and eggs together. Keep it for 10 minutes. The East will become active during this time. Then add a shredded egg to it.

2) Now make the dough. Mix together flour, powdered milk, salt and room temperature butter together. You can use oil if you do not want to use butter. Mix these ingredients well. Then pour the milk-egg mixture into it and make a dough very well. Do it well for 5-7 minutes. Then put some oil on the dough and put the vessel in plastic wrap one hour.

3) Drought swelling will be twice as fast as an hour after the East. Press down and pull it out in the air. After folding it very well, it will take 8 to 10 minutes to dote. Dota will be somewhat harder than before.

4) Now you have to take this dolphin. Sprinkle some flour and sour like a half-inch thick bread. Cut Donat’s shape off of this cookie. Keep them aside for another 10 minutes.

5) Heat oil in the stove. Heat the donuts in medium heat. After that leave 10-12 minutes to be a little cold.

6) Mix sugar, cocoa powder, milk and vanilla essence together to make the combination. Then dip one of the donut in it.

If you wish, you can give a sprinkle or nutcupine on donut. Take a look at the recipe that you can take

21 Oct, 2017

The Chinese President claped through the smartphone game

A smartphone game in China has become viral. To play a game called Tencent, you can install a specific app to play and clap your hands on the smartphone screen.
In the last three days the game has been played 120 million times Originally, the app was designed to make smartphone users clutter for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This week the app has been released in the market on the occasion of the fifth session of the Chinese Communist Party. The five-day closed-door conference will conclude on Tuesday. Decisions will be taken about who will lead China’s power for the next five years from this session.

Xi Jinping has spoken in the session for three and a half hours. The participants in the game were shown part of his speech. Then they are encouraged to hear that statement how fast they can punch on the phone screen. Using the app, the number of times you want to be greeted by the President for 19 seconds on the phone screen.

19 Oct, 2017

China defeats China in dramatic match

Finally, the one desired victory. Bangladesh have won 4-3 goals against China in the Penultimate Shootout match of the Asia Cup hockey tournament. However, 7 minutes before the end of the match, Bangladesh was 3-1 behind. The team was watching the rate then Scorelain 3-3 in one minute by two goals! In the penalty shootout, the host team won.

Tough excitement in the shootout Goal in China’s first shot Sheetul of Bangladesh China’s goal in the second shot, also in Bangladesh. China’s third shot was stopped by Bangladesh’s goalkeeper Asim. China also failed to review reviews. The third shot of Bangladesh kicked out green Two shots of successive teams, 3-3 China’s fifth shot goes out Jimmy Ellen took the last shot. After the perfect target, the captain and captain of the team, opening the sticks and jersey, the whole team behind him.
Bangladesh has assured the sixth place in Asia Cup this year. It is sure to play directly in the upcoming Asia Cup. Next to the group partner to defeat Japan, the fifth!
The match started in the rainy rain. China’s Penalty Corner-Rain But in the first minute Mimo takes a great hit at the beginning of the post. Bangladesh has shot several more times in the Chinese box. But the goal did not come in the first quarter. Bangladesh has struggled to cope with China’s attack in the second quarter. After the first quarter, two penalty corners, China made an impact on this 15 minutes. China scored 16 points ahead of Bangladesh in the ranking ranking by taking four penalty corner draws.
Two Chinese divorces shook Bangladesh in the penalty corner He had three goals. Bangladesh goalkeeper Asim Gopal could not prevent the penalty hurdles in the penalty corner. Bangladesh win penalty stroke after 2-0 China also failed to provide services for reviews. Ashraful 2-1 to give hope to the stroke. But at the end of the third round.
In the third quarter, Bangladesh did not score any goals. But Bangladesh’s dominance in the last quarter was obvious. In the previous four matches, Penalty Corner was just one. Period 50 to 54- Four penalty corners drawn in four minutes! Two goals from it 3-2 from Milan’s fast bowling attack Immediately after 3-3, Khorshed hit the penalty corner. Do not lose to lose! In this exciting shootout, El Joyo is in the tournament!

19 Oct, 2017

Sajeeb Wazed Joy inaugurated PayPal-Zoom service

Freelancer’s long anticipation ended. PayPal started formally in Bangladesh PayPal, an online payment service provider based in the United States, Prime Minister’s Information Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy inaugurated PayPal-Zoom Service.

Today, on Thursday morning, the special service was inaugurated by the Information Technology Consultant on the occasion of the opening of the PayPal-Zoom Service and the Freelancers Conference.

In the inaugural speech, Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, through the introduction of PayPal, the talent, new ideas and creative attitude of youth of the country will help the country to advance. During this time, he thanked the concerned people involved in this noble initiative.

In addition to Sajeeb Wajed Joy, State Minister for Information Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak, PM’s Deputy Press Secretary Ashraful Alam Khokan, Secretary of Information and Communication Technology Division Mr. Shyam Sunder Sikder and other freelancers from different parts of the country.
People working abroad, working in foreign countries, the popular method of bringing money to the country. Finally, his successful implementation happened. Zoom and PayPal merged. Initially PayPal can only bring inbound services and money. This money can be withdrawn from 9 banks including Sonali, Rupali, Social Islami Bank.

State Minister of Information Technology Junaid Ahmed told to Ittefaq Online, the long-term demand of our freelancers to bring PayPal to Bangladesh. Today, this is done by discussing with PayPal for a long time under the leadership and supervision of Prime Minister’s Information Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy.
Attempts to bring PayPal in Bangladesh are going on since 2011. Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) took initiative to bring PayPal in the country. In 2012, top government officials of the government were trying very hard to implement it. It was announced in September that PayPal in Bangladesh was being introduced in September. But it did not last.

Right now, in 193 countries around the world are operating PayPal operations. About 137 million people around the world are enjoying this service. The company operates the transaction in 26 coins.

17 Oct, 2017

Recognition of Flora Systems Limited’s contribution to ICT sector

Bangladesh is working on the goal of moving forward as a digital nation. In the last few years, progress is ongoing with the combination of government and non-governmental organizations and joint efforts. The importance of creating local software companies and creating new entrepreneurs has been given in order to achieve economic development.

BASIS (Bangladesh Software and Information Service Providers), which controls the control of local software companies and information-technology organizations, jointly undertakes a joint venture with the Ministry of Information Technology to reward local software companies who are contributing in national development.

Flora Systems Limited has received the second runners-up award in the category of “Florabank” Online Banking Solutions Financial Industry Application (Custom Domain) in the local banking sector.

Note that “Flawrabank” online banking solution software is being used at 930 national and private sector banks in 2030 branches.

Mr. Zainaid Ahmed Palak, Minister of State for Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology, on October 10, 017, Mr. Zillah Ahmed, Chip Operating Officer and Mr. Mohammed Mohsin Khan, Senior Vice President and Project Director, Flora Systems Limited, organized the IDEB Building Auditorium in Dhaka. Handed him the prize.

BASIS President Mr. Mostafa Jabbar was also present at the award ceremony.