23 Nov, 2017

60 percent of US woman are victims of sexual harassment

60 percent of US women voters are victims of sexual harassment. Two-thirds of them said they were victims of sexual harassment at work. This is known in the survey of the University of Queenstake University. The university released the survey on Tuesday and published it on Tuesday.

At that time, the survey was published when there was a leakage of information from the country’s politics to the sexual world in the film world. Only 20 percent of the US voters said they were victims of sexual harassment. 60 percent of them said they were also harassed at workplace.

According to the survey, 69 percent of women are sexually abused, 43 percent are in social media, 45 percent are streets and 14 percent are sexually harassed at home. From 15th to 20th November, the result of the survey was determined by interviewing 1,515 men and women of the country. The Hill

15 Nov, 2017

Babur Saif offered a million rupees to Taimur

Taimur Ali Khan, son of Saif Ali and Kareena Kapoor Khan couple In December, one year is being fulfilled. She is the son of Pataudi Nawab. If you could make a gift from Nawab Baba, then you can not.

Saif has bought a car of 1 crore 30 lakh rupees for his son. On Monday evening, Saif bought an SRT car. Saif said, there is a baby seat in the rear of the car, sometimes we will go out with Taimur.

On 14th November, India’s Children Day, what did the boy give, and the journalists were facing such questions, Saif said.

In response, he said, I am giving him the car. Security is very important and therefore there is a baby seat on the back. I think, Taimur, a beautiful cherry-red jeep, will be very much liked. I will keep the car for Timur.

11 Nov, 2017

Google traffic launched in Dhaka

Finally Google launched the capital in Dhaka, the most anticipated service of Google. This is a Google Map service that provides real-time traffic conditions for major and highways.

Google Map has an option named Traffic in the drop down menu. Pressing this, Google will start the traffic. After launching the feature, the level of traffic in different colors is indicated. Green color is meant to mean traffic in the street, light with orange color, red with traffic dele and dark red color violent traffic congestion. Using this service, people can easily decide on its journey.

According to Business Insider’s report, Google uses Crowd-Source data in this service. That means, the traffic on the Android devices that are on the streets, the location service on Google, collects the traffic data and collects the indicators. And through this the app can figure out the number of vehicles in the street, how fast the car is running and how fast the cars are going.

2 Nov, 2017

China launches world’s first smart train service

One of the main conditions for running trains is the railway line. It can be broad gauge or meter gauge. But the train will run without the railway! The name of this sophisticated train is the smart train, without the railway track. The train capable of traveling through the city through a virtual line programmed on the computer. For the convenience of pedestrians and other vehicles, only two parallel lines have been drawn on its way. Recently, Smart Train service has started in Zhouzhhou, Hunan province of China. China has added new dimensions to the transportation system

The company named the Chinese railway transit firm named ‘Smart Bus’. The train is 30 meters long and fully electric powered. Once charged, the train can go up to 25 km continuously. With this, the connection of the white stained sensors was made in such a way that the train could not be alienated from the white line in any adverse event. In the first phase, the train has three rooms that can accommodate up to 300 passengers together. In the next version, the idea of ​​carrying capacity of 500 is going on. Instead of conventional metal tires, rubber tires

Without a railway track ‘Smart Train’, the name of this modern railway communication in China is ‘Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit’. In short ART. Chief engineer Feng Jianghua, without the railways’ smart train, said that the cost of building smart trains compared to the conventional metro or tram is very low. There is no need to create a separate road for the railway line. The train will run completely automated. But for some basic instructions, a driver will be employed. Its maximum speed is 70 kilometers per hour. In addition to other vehicles on the city streets, there is also a special train system designed to facilitate movement. At present, the movement of the train is limited to four stations at the distance of 3.1 kilometers from Zhouzhou city, but it is planned that this train will be run in other cities of China in future.-NDTV