19 Jan, 2018

India-Pakistan meeting in hydropower project in US

Bilateral relations between neighboring India and Pakistan reached the bottom. In this situation, the possibility of any kind of meeting between the two countries is weak. But the meeting between the two countries is going to sit between the two waters of the Indus Water Treaty.

According to the diplomats, undoubtedly the international phenomenon is behind the international initiative. This meeting is under the supervision of the World Bank in Washington DC. The possibility that India could cancel the Indus Water Treaty after the Uri attack and India’s counter-surgical strike. Yet with this agreement, the interests of India, especially Kashmir, are directly linked. So India wants to resolve the differences in spite of spatial spots

17 Jan, 2018

India’s new Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale

Expert diplomat Vijay Keshav Gokhale will be appointed as the Foreign Secretary of India. New Delhi has announced its appointment on Monday.

External Affairs Secretary S. Jaishankar’s tenure ends on Jan 28 Gokhale will take charge as foreign secretary the next day. Indian state news agency PTI reported.

Vijay Gokhale, a 1981 batch officer in the Indian Foreign Service, currently serves as the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Economic Relations). Earlier he was India’s ambassador to China. Besides, he worked as an Indian ambassador to Germany and Malaysia. Last year, Bin Gokhale had played a major role in easing the tension between China and India on the Dokmal border.

Current Foreign Secretary Jayashankar took charge on 29 January 2015. After completing a two-year term, the Indian government gave him one year contractual appointment.

16 Jan, 2018

North Korea can participate in the Winter Olympics

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has indicated for the first time that his country will take part in the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month. Despite the tension between Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program and the ongoing tensions between the two countries, Kim said on Monday.

North Korean leader Kim said in a New Year speech to the nation, “I sincerely believe that Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will be held successfully.”

He also said, “We are willing to take several important steps including sending our representatives.”

Kim said, “For this, both Korea’s authorities will sit in the meeting in the near future.”

Seoul’s President House Blue House gave a positive response to this proposal. A statement from the Blue House said, “We welcome it. This Olympics should be organized successfully. This will not only be done in the Korean Peninsula but also in the entire region as well as the whole world.

“We warmly welcomed the North Korean position,” Li Kei-Ba’om, the head of the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (POCOG), told AFP.

10 Jan, 2018

Muslim women want to fight Putin

Russia has announced a fight against Vladimir Putin in next year’s presidential election, a Muslim woman The woman named Aina Gammatovova announced the contest in Dakhastan capital Makhachkhala on Saturday.

He had supporters beside him. He operates Russia’s largest Muslim media, ‘Islam Dot RU’. Through this organization, he runs televisions, radio and magazines. Her husband Akhmat Aldalayev is a Mufti of Dajestan.

He can not win the election. It is known only for its original purpose to compete. The announcement of his candidacy has given rise to discussions in Russia. There are two crore Muslims out of 14 million people in the country. News Al Jazeera

7 Jan, 2018

A beautifull sun-set

The sunset is the most beautiful time of the day. It announces the end of the day and the beginning of a night. If the sky at that time is cloudless, it presents unique scene. The scene looks most charming from the bank of a river, the sea-beach or from an elevated place like a hell. The hole earth and sky painted with crimson colour. The beauty of the sinking sun playing hide and seek in the waters of the sea can better be enjoyed than described. Then the sun looks like a dish of gold. Gradually darkness covers the whole world. Nature becomes calm and quite as it deeply absorbed in prayer of almighty Allah.

1 Jan, 2018

Happy New Year

Good English New Year – 2018. Today is the first day of English New Year on Monday. Today’s first sun has started its journey with its bright smile and light. And on Sunday, December 31, in the afternoon of the afternoon of the sinking in middayaya farewell in 2017. In the last year, we are hopeful of the new year’s dream of forgetting the pleasure and pain of not being available. This practice of welcoming old people and welcoming new ones is nothing new. Nawabsha’s death has started through the death of Nirvana Where the colorful balloon of dreams and plans is being organized in color. All the backs of the back and the pain and pain are removed, every person has prepared new pleasures of creation.
The joy and enthusiasm of the people around the New Year has been shaken in all the ethnic groups. As a Bengali nation, the universal celebration of Bangla Nababarsha is similar to those of the English New Year, but the English New Year is celebrated through a comprehensive arrangement, which is understood only in the years to come. But considering the safety issues this year, the government declared all programs canceled on December 31. As a result, yesterday’s night in the coastal tourist area of ​​the country was not even where the day was about to be found. It was night and night. As a result, news has already been published in the media as tourists and business people have been affected. Even then, ‘safe first’ security was the common suretaker’s support for the government’s initiative from this thought earlier.
We know that the past year was for us to have political, social, cultural and financially unhealthy expectations-hopeless collapses and dreams, new dreams and fun-filled pain. In that place, hope for the hope of a new hope in 2018 English world will be welcomed by all the people around the world by promoting the flag of peace. In the new year, all of us have a strong oath to build a beautiful Bangladesh in the economic prosperity free of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism and militancy. We were unable to become human even when we were born in human form. Although the task of being a human being is the most difficult task in the world. We want to do this work from the beginning of the new year – that is our hope.