Merry Christmas today

Today the celebration of festivals in the house of the Christians. Churches, houses and elite hotels are decorating multicolored lights. Has been arranged in the cowboy, Christmas tree Today is December 25, Happy big day. Do not hate the sinner, but to sin – this call came Jesus Christ in this world on this day. So this festival is celebrating Christianity in various ceremonies. Today the church will be special prayer (christian) in the morning. The day will be celebrated in religious songs, kirtan, guest entertainment and sublimation. Today’s public holiday. Bangladesh has been broadcasting various programs by highlighting the significance of radio and television, private TV and radio days. The newspapers publish special supplement.

Christianity believes that a woman was needed to implement God’s plan. The woman is a virgin Mary-Muslim who is known as Bibi Maryam. Religion believes that Mary is pregnant despite being a virgin, “With God’s grace and miraculous power”. According to the angel of God, the baby was named Yishus, which is ‘Jesus’ in Bengal. Today, two thousand and 13 years ago, Jesus was born in a cowl of the city of Bethlehem, Jerusalem. The child was not a normal child at all. God told me to send mankind to salvation. The child named Jesus grew up and heard the message of salvation in the chains of sin. He said, ‘Do not hate, love. Love everyone, love your neighbor, even your enemy. Forgive people, then you too will be forgiven. If someone slaps you on one cheek, then give him another cheek. ‘He said,’ hate the sinner, not the sin, the sin. Help the poor and the poor as much as possible, and fear God. “Many people have lost their mind after listening to Jesus. State, religious and community members could not bear it. They started thinking of Jesus Christ as their rival. They captured Jesus and crucified him. After many years of Jesus’ birth, the Christians began to observe this day as a day of joy and release. In 440, the Pope recognized the Day of the Day. But the festival became popular in the Middle Ages. At that time its name is ‘Christmas Day’.

In the evening Tejgaon Catholic Church organized special prayers in the capital. Christmas tree is arranged inside. There is a small fair sitting outside the main gate. Apart from being the main attraction at the big hotel, Santa Claus is coming with a variety of gifts. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel has been decorated with Christmas trees and color lights. Various sports competitions, fashion shows, magic shows have been arranged for children. The hotel arranges special cakes and cookies. Radisson Water Blue Garden, The Westin also organized a similar.

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