International Women’s Day

Today is March 7, International Women’s Day. Like other countries of the world, the day is being celebrated in Bangladesh with many formalities. The United Nations has set the theme of Women’s Day this year, ‘I am Equality of Generation: Awareness for Women’s Rights’. And in Bangladesh, the theme of the day has been determined by the government as ‘generation, equality, rights of all women’.

On March 8, a group of working-class women in a New York yarn factory protested against wage-discrimination, working hours and hostile workplaces. Angry at them, the oppressors attacked them. The first women’s conference was led by German socialist leader and politician Clara Zetkin in 9 after several incidents. The UN has been observing the day as a women’s day since its inception.

Every day there are various types of negative news, including torture, harassment and torture against women. There are still many pathways left for the advancement and dignity of women around the world. The demand for establishing women’s dignity as a man, regardless of political and economic system, is so universal. With the promise of building a world of co-partnership by eliminati

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