Lake Bled, Slovenia

Nestled amidst the Julian Alps is the Lake Bled in Slovenia, inviting you to step into a storybook setting. The star of the show? A tiny island called Bled Island that beckons with the allure of legends and ‘rowmance.’ Hop on a traditional pletna boat and make your way to this island sanctuary. These flat-bottomed boats are unique to Bled, and only 23 boats navigate the lake, piloted by skilled oarsmen whose profession has been handed down through generations since 1740. The island is home to the 17th-century Assumption of Mary Church, which hosts a special bell that legend says will make wishes come true! If you look to the shore, you can spot Bled Castle overlooking the lake’s expanse. The castle—one of the oldest in Slovenia—is positioned on a precipice above the town of Bled on the northwestern shore of the lake.

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