Ingredients: Beson 1 ½ cup, baking powder ½ teaspoon,.Jorda color a little, sugar 1 ½ cup

Method : 1. Mix baking powder with gram flour, then mix well with one and a half cups of water. Boil gram flour with water in a bowl and add little water. If the gram floats in the water, it should be wiped and the amount of water in the dal is correct. Or sprinkle with a little more water. Add a little color to the gram flour. 2. Heat 2 cups of soybean oil in a pan. 3. Bundia should be fried in the griddle, and the handle of the griddle should be placed on the edge of the pan. Do not leave more Bundia at once. When the bundia is fried and brown in color, drain it from the oil and keep it in a cane or bamboo sieve. 4.  In a pan, add one and a half cups of water and sugar syrup. All the bundias should be poured in the sugar syrup on the stove at once and should be stirred on a gentle flame, when all the bundias are equally soft and fried, they should be removed.