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Akbar Ali khan

Akbar Ali Khan was born in Nabi Nagar in 1944. BA Honors and MA from Department of History, University of Dhaka and MA and PHV from Queen’s University, Canada. Akbar Ali Khan joined the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1967. Actively participated in the freedom struggle in 1971. He was Finance Secretary, Cabinet Secretary and

Six seasons

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Each season has its special feature. Dew drops fall at night during in winter. The spring is the king of season. Cuckoos are seen during the spring. Hot sun in summer.


Iron is a very common metal. In nature it is not available in pure form. It is melted in the furnace. It is a very hard metal. When iron is heated, it becomes red and soft. Iron is made into steel by mixing charcoal with it. If a piece of iron is kept in the


Chittagong is the biggest sea-port of Bangladesh. Many commodities are exported through this port. It stands on the river Karnafuli. There are many small hills here. There are roads through these hills for people to pass. There are tress on both sides of these roads. The hills of Chittagong are beautiful to see. The streets

A Fish market

 The fish market is a very important part of the market in a town or village of Bangladesh. It Attracts a large number of customer everyday. In it fish sellers take their seats in town.

Moulana Bhashani

Who had not herd the name of Moulana Bhashani? He was a real patriot. He did a lot for the welfare of the country. Moulana Mohammad Ali college is the achievement. We remember him with respect.