Gourd greens – lentil braa

Cucumber vegetables.
Onion Chop.
Crush raw chilies.
Chop coriander leaves.
Roasted cumin powder.
Yellow powder.
All in measure —
how to do
Gourds should be chopped and washed and boiled with little salt. After boiling the vegetables, the water of the vegetables should be completely dried.
Lentils– Soak them for 2 hours and pound them. The same way pulses are pounded to make onion.
Now mix the boiled vegetables with dal batter, onion, chilli, chopped coriander leaves, salt, turmeric powder and fried cumin powder. Once it is kneaded, take an equal amount of vegetable dal mixture and put it in hot oil. The bars should be made a little thin. If not, it will remain raw inside. The big ones should be shallow fried.
After a while, turn the balls over and fry them evenly on both sides. It should be fried to golden brown color. Then it will be ready–
Gourd Vegetable-Lentil Bara