Foods that increase immunity against corona

No specific drug has yet been discovered to combat the deadly coronavirus. However, doctors and researchers are emphasizing the body’s immune system to survive all kinds of diseases like corona or common flu.

There is no alternative at the moment except to fight the disease by boosting the body’s immunity and using mask-soap-sanitizer. So in addition to exercise, to make the body strong, nutritious food should be included in the daily diet. Here are some tips from nutritionist Antara Dev Dahish:

Bitter food:

It is important to keep bitter foods in your diet every day to build resistance against the virus. Either neem leaves, or uchche or karla. All of these antiviral ingredients keep the body strong and help fight germs that fly in the air during this time.

Adequate protein:

Adequate protein should also be included in the diet every day. The nutrients found in fish, meat, soybeans, lentils, eggs will strengthen the body from within.

Clove-Cinnamon-Raw Turmeric:

In order to gain immunity from the virus, you need to use certain foods in cooking that are used as spices in our country. It also contains cloves, cinnamon and raw turmeric. Add cloves and cinnamon to the cooking. Their anti-oxidant enhances the body’s natural immunity against epidemics. Raw turmeric also has anti-bacterial properties that protect the body from many diseases.


One clove of garlic in the morning on an empty stomach is half the disease. Rich in anti-oxidants, it keeps the blood pure. It has a lot of role in preventing some viral and infectious diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, etc.

Green vegetables and fruits:

To avoid dehydration and to provide normal energy to the body and to prevent vitamin C-mineral deficiency, it is also important to pay attention to this time. Eat any fruit weighing at least 100 grams every day. Put with enough green vegetables.

Sour yogurt:

Fermented enzymes in sour yogurt are very useful for digestion of food. As the pro biotic ingredient in sour yogurt keeps the liver healthy, it also helps control cholesterol. Yogurt is not the answer to de-toxify the body.


As the amount of water in the body decreases, so does the resistance to disease. Similarly, the body is easily infected with the virus due to various problems caused by dehydration. So one should be aware of water. Water keeps the body healthy by removing toxins from the body.