Testing of new vaccine begins in UK

Attempts are being made around the world to invent vaccines to combat coronary infections. Scientists are working day and night. Tests of several possible vaccines have already begun. Added to this list is a possible vaccine invented by researchers at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. With this, two possible vaccines invented in the United Kingdom have started to be applied experimentally in the human body.

According to the Hindustan Times, a possible vaccine from Imperial College London has already been applied to the body of the first volunteer. 300 healthy volunteers will take part in the test activities. If the potential vaccine proves to be safe and the volunteers’ bodies respond to the expected immune system, tests will begin on a larger scale by the end of this year, the researchers said.

Earlier, a team of researchers from Oxford University started testing possible vaccines in the United Kingdom. According to Reuters, Oxford University’s possible ticker test began in Brazil late last week. The Lehman Foundation, a donor to the vaccine initiative, said in a statement on Monday. Two thousand volunteers in Sওo Paulo and one thousand in Rio de Janeiro are taking part in this test.

Imperial College London said last Tuesday that their possible vaccine had been applied to a volunteer in west London. The volunteer’s physical condition was good until the last observation.

According to the BBC, a team of researchers led by Professor Robin Shatock of Imperial College London is working on a new vaccine test. The vaccine has been tested on animals and proved to be safe. It has responded to build effective immunity.

There are more than 120 vaccine projects around the world. Of these, Oxford and Imperial College in the United Kingdom are two pioneers.

Kathy, 39, who works in finance, volunteered for the first Imperial Vaccine Test. After vaccinating 300 people in the first phase, the researchers plan to test the vaccine on another 6,000 people by October.

The research team at Imperial College hopes to be able to supply the vaccine to other countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, early next year. Many conventional vaccines are made primarily from weakened or genetically modified viruses. However, the Imperial vaccine is made in a new way. It uses synthetic fibers or RNA of the genetic code, which basically acts as a replica of the virus. When it is pushed into the muscle in the form of an injection, the RNA expands itself to make a copy of it and directs the body’s cells to make spike proteins. The body’s immune system can detect coronavirus and fight it and prevent covid-19.