Space floating in space

All the people of the world are the happiest place in their home. But it is normal to get boredom in the same house every day. A group of architects is contemplating new habitats to save this boredom from life, A group of Cloud Architectural Office plans to create such a floating floating apartment. They are thinking that they are thinking about the future. The most surprising thing is that the space floating in space will not stay in one place. It will be able to roam around the globe, like a satellite circulating around the globe. This floating building will be located in an orbit of space. This floating building has been named ‘Analema Tower’. Floating tower will be built in Dubai.

Scientists are planning to use a giant asteroid to create a floating building in space. The floating building will be stuck under the orbit in the orbit outside the orbit. The asteroids traveling from the Earth’s orbital orbits will travel from the north to the southern hemisphere. In other words, this floating building from New York to Dubai can walk around everywhere. Anthala Tower’s designer Ajatap Rudakovich said that using this kind of brick-built stone will make use of comparatively light and durable materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. Under the asteroids, the tower will be locked down with powerful cables. Solar systems will be used for all types of fuel from the power of the tower. And the clouds and rain water will be used to solve the problem of water. The tower will roam the sky 300 miles per hour. The residents of the floating tower have announced that they can keep regular communication with the world at the same time. According to them, if it succeeds in future, instead of Earth, many more such apartments will be formed in space. – CNN