If you want to go out, you have to wear a medical mask: World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given new advice on wearing a mask. The agency says masks should be worn where the virus is widespread and social distance is not possible.
The issue of wearing a mask has been widely discussed around the world since the first outbreak of the corona virus in China last December.
WHO chief Tedros Adhanam Gabriasis said in a new study on Friday that governments around the world should encourage people to wear masks in widely spread areas and where social distance is not possible.
However, the company insists that masks alone are not enough to protect from Covid-19, and that it is important to stop going out if possible.
The WHO has advised patients with Covid-19 symptoms to stay at home, saying they must wear a medical mask if they need to go out in an emergency.
In addition, the person who will take care of the infected person at home will also have to wear a medical mask. Health workers need to wear medical masks as well as protective equipment.
The WHO, meanwhile, added in its new advice that all those working in highly infected areas and health centers but not associated with Covid-19 patients should also wear medical masks.
The company recommends layered non-medical masks made of cloth for the general public. The first layer is cotton cloth, the second layer is non-oven polypropylene that will act as a filter, and the last layer is waterproof polyester on the outside.
There will be national clothes.However, citing only one way to get rid of the mask virus, Tedders said it is not a complement to physical distance or hand washing.
He said every one to be found, isolated, tested and treated
Urgent in the case. We know this works. And this is the best defense against Covid-19 in every country.
Note that the number of people infected with Kovid-19 in the world is at least 6 lakh. More than 3 lakh 90 thousand people have died.