New fashion mask

The world is coping with the new normal arisen by the coronavirus pandemic.

The fashion industry is quickly pivoting the production of chic face masks. Although masks are not fashion accessories but the fashionistas are aware enough of the fact that masks are now an essential part of their face.
As the World Health Organisation (WHO) has made it mandatory to wear masks no matter wherever you are, people are now moving to fashion face masks matching with their outfits.
Bangladeshis are not lagging behind. More or less everyone wears masks now. There are makeshift shops that sell masks besides pharmacies and departmental stores.
The Xiaomi brand masks being imported from China. AirPop 360 degree Anti Fog Mask, Smartly Filter Mask and  Xiaomi PM-2.5 Light Weight Mask.
Tamanna Haque, proprietor of online Mask Zen, said her shop came up with stylish and cloth masks. They are comfortable to use as they are made of cotton fabric.

ionable masks are being sold at the fashion house Yellow. The sales manager of the company’s Gulshan branch said that most people buy masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus.
not just a necessity now, they are also a fashion accessory. So in addition to protecting yourself, it adds an extra bit to your outfit.