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Our regular traditional fashion fabrics like Jamdani and Tangail taat to the exquisite ethnic heritage Moinpuri weaving our culture offers so wide a range of variety that you would never get bored trying them one after another

Since the Monipuri design is very famous amongst the fashionable folk of the city you will find similar motifs designed in other fabrics too. But a shop exclusively packed with pure Monipuri taat wears, is certainly rare in the city. So that you don’t miss the wonderful fabric that are available specifically in Sylhet, a new shop called Monipuri Taat Emporium is here in the city to offer you the pleasure of picking the finest weaving by the masterful ethnic artisans.

The shop, has an offer a good collection of Monipuri taat saris, three pieces, orna, shawl, bags and bed sheets too. The taat is woven in two different patterns. They are the thin threaded and thick threaded taat. The things that play the magic behind this fabric are some pieces of bamboo and wood by which the threads are woven into the clothes and the hands of the Monipuri artisans.

With its signature symbol ‘moirang’ (the popular temple shaped motif) monipuri taat weavers also use motifs from the nature. Flowers, petals or leaves all are designed on the outfits without any direction from a particular designer. The artisans weave their own imagination while creating each piece of clothe that you will find in this emporium.

The dresses come straight from where they are woven, in Moulavibazar in Sylhet. They are done on various colours, both dark and pastel shades.

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