Padma Bridge

Padma Bridge is the dream bridge of people of Bangladesh. As a result of the Padma Bridge, the movement of people at Mongla port has been facilitated. Made of sand, bricks, cement, rods, Padma Bridge was built with the funding of Bangladesh. Padma Bridge has opened the door of new possibilities for Bangladesh. Padma Bridge is the dream bridge of crores of souls. The construction work of Padma Bridge started in 2006. As a result of the Padma Bridge, the poverty rate of people in the southern region has decreased. Bangladesh Prime Minister  has said that my money is my bridge, Bangladesh’s Padma Bridge. As a result of Padma Bridge, Bangladesh has progressed economically to the world. New nameplate has been unveiled. Now it takes only one and a half hours to go from Dhaka to Faridpur. Our proud bridge is Padma Bridge. Victory of Bengal in the chest of Padma. In 2001, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of the Padma Bridge. Construction of this Padma Bridge with own funding. The symbol of our capability is the Padma Bridge. On both banks of the Padma