Chittagong is the biggest sea-port of Bangladesh. Many commodities are exported through this port. It stands on the river Karnafuli. There are many small hills here. There are roads through these hills for people to pass. There are tress on both sides of these roads. The hills of Chittagong are beautiful to see. The streets

My room

                                                                                         I am a affiliate marketer. My room is very beautiful.  I have a reading room of my own. My study room laptop and laptop table are very nice, My laptop is silver in color, I keep it on the laptop table and I do online freelancing work. There are many sofas in

A Fish market

 The fish market is a very important part of the market in a town or village of Bangladesh. It Attracts a large number of customer everyday. In it fish sellers take their seats in town.


Tea is a popular drink. We take tea to remove fatigue. But taking too much tea is injurious to health. A large quantity of tea is produced in Bangladesh. Bangladesh earns a lot of foreign exchange by exporting tea.