Rose flower is called the queen of flowers. These flowers are given as gifts to loved ones. But roses are not only given to loved ones. Flowers can be gifted to anyone. But roses are not just for gifts or decorations. It also has many qualities in cosmetic practice. Rose petals can be used for both hair and skin care. There is even an ancient Greek and Roman saying about rose petals. They used rose petals as a perfume in their baths. Rose water made from rose petals acts as a skin toner. After returning home from outside, soak a piece of cotton in rose water and gently clean the entire face. In this way, dirt accumulated on the skin, as well as makeup, comes out well.
The natural oil in rose petals moisturizes the skin. Thus the skin becomes smooth and soft. For those who are more sensitive, the sugar in rose petals is more effective.
Rose petals are rich in vitamin-C; It protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Mix cucumber juice with glycerin, and rose water to make the skin mixture. Apply it on your face before going out of the house.
It plays a role in eliminating acne problems. The anti-bacterial ingredients present in it eliminate acne breakouts. Sometimes inflammation of the skin can also be removed by rose petals. Also removes skin redness, eczema and psoriasis.
Removes dark spots under the eyes. Take a piece of cotton soaked in rose water and keep it under the eyes. Leave it for some time. If you do this for a few days, you will get positive results.
Nourishes the hair roots. Rose petals also play an important role in hair. Essential nutrients often do not reach the hair roots. But the packs made of petals are able to reach everywhere. Stimulates blood circulation to the hair root and helps in new hair growth.