The corona vaccine may come in September

Scientists around the world are trying to discover a vaccine for coronavirus. Who will make this antidote first, the competition is going on. Clinical trials have also begun in several countries. However, researchers from Oxford University are ahead in this race. Scientists say they are very optimistic that the Covid-19 vaccine could hit the market next September.

Oxford started the work of making vaccines before others. The generic institute at Oxford University began developing the vaccine in January after the outbreak of coronavirus spread around the world.

Researchers at Oxford have already developed a vaccine for a virus similar to Covid-19. It has made them confident. “I have a lot of confidence in the vaccine,” said Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccineology at the university. Because, its technology I have used before. The genetic material of coronavirus has been taken to make a new vaccine. It was later seen as an injection into the common cold virus. It has been seen, has become inactive. It has lost the ability to spread among humans. The modified virus will mimic Kovid-19. It will work to prevent the real Kovid-19 virus. We are hopeful of success in this case.

Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine has been experimentally administered to a group of monkeys. The benefits have been found. In addition, the vaccine has been pushed into the bodies of 550 volunteers. Among the participants is Oxford scientist Alyssa Granato. He’s pretty good. There was no physical problem. “I was able to do something in the end, a feeling that worked in me,” he said of taking part in the trial. This is my chance to contribute to the development of the vaccine. ”

Meanwhile, the manufacturers have not yet agreed on the effectiveness of the vaccine, although there is no official approval from scientists. So the world’s largest pharmaceutical company based in In

dia will start work on millions of vaccines in Oxford next month.