An inhuman incident that took place in Brooklyn Queen’s Expressway in New York on Friday morning, with a terrible car accident. After the accident, a young man named Syed Ahmad was cut to death by hanging himself in a car. And soon after being burned alive lover hurlin.
It is learned that Syed Ahmad (23), who went out of the car with Infiniti G35 in front of girlfriend Harleen Grail. The vehicle was running faster than the Expressway. Ahmad was driving the car. Harleen sat next to him and sat next to Harleen. Eyewitnesses told police, suddenly the driver lost control of the divider. The push was so strong that, the car was set on fire. The fire spread throughout the moment at the moment. Ahmad lover, sitting in the driver’s seat, left Harlan on the death and left the car. But Harleen did not have that chance. He was burnt alive in a car and he was burnt.
Police said that Ahmad fled and escaped with another car leaving his girlfriend in a burning vehicle. Go straight to the hospital and treat yourself. But the last was not saved. Police has arrested him from the hospital after looking for him. New York Daily News.

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