North Korea can participate in the Winter Olympics

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has indicated for the first time that his country will take part in the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month. Despite the tension between Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program and the ongoing tensions between the two countries, Kim said on Monday.

North Korean leader Kim said in a New Year speech to the nation, “I sincerely believe that Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will be held successfully.”

He also said, “We are willing to take several important steps including sending our representatives.”

Kim said, “For this, both Korea’s authorities will sit in the meeting in the near future.”

Seoul’s President House Blue House gave a positive response to this proposal. A statement from the Blue House said, “We welcome it. This Olympics should be organized successfully. This will not only be done in the Korean Peninsula but also in the entire region as well as the whole world.

“We warmly welcomed the North Korean position,” Li Kei-Ba’om, the head of the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (POCOG), told AFP.

Maradona Suddenly at the Wembley Stadium

Diego Maradona became guest at Tottenham Hotspur match at Wembley Stadium. He supports the team in the game. At the end of the first half, he displayed his own self-titled Hotspur jersey. In the presence of Argentine football legend Spirras won 4-1 goals against Liverpool.

The former coach of the team Mourinho Pachtino Argentina is the former footballer. “I saw him before the match,” said Tottenham coach in the presence of Maradona. I got emotional when I saw him. It was difficult to keep going to the dagout. Because when you see a player like Maradona in front of you, then everyone will want to stay with him.

Recalling the time spent with Maradona at Newell Old Boys, Pachtino said, “I spent time with him almost 20 years ago. He is the best player in football history. So every moment spent with her is thrilling. He is a great man. ‘

China defeats China in dramatic match

Finally, the one desired victory. Bangladesh have won 4-3 goals against China in the Penultimate Shootout match of the Asia Cup hockey tournament. However, 7 minutes before the end of the match, Bangladesh was 3-1 behind. The team was watching the rate then Scorelain 3-3 in one minute by two goals! In the penalty shootout, the host team won.

Tough excitement in the shootout Goal in China’s first shot Sheetul of Bangladesh China’s goal in the second shot, also in Bangladesh. China’s third shot was stopped by Bangladesh’s goalkeeper Asim. China also failed to review reviews. The third shot of Bangladesh kicked out green Two shots of successive teams, 3-3 China’s fifth shot goes out Jimmy Ellen took the last shot. After the perfect target, the captain and captain of the team, opening the sticks and jersey, the whole team behind him.
Bangladesh has assured the sixth place in Asia Cup this year. It is sure to play directly in the upcoming Asia Cup. Next to the group partner to defeat Japan, the fifth!
The match started in the rainy rain. China’s Penalty Corner-Rain But in the first minute Mimo takes a great hit at the beginning of the post. Bangladesh has shot several more times in the Chinese box. But the goal did not come in the first quarter. Bangladesh has struggled to cope with China’s attack in the second quarter. After the first quarter, two penalty corners, China made an impact on this 15 minutes. China scored 16 points ahead of Bangladesh in the ranking ranking by taking four penalty corner draws.
Two Chinese divorces shook Bangladesh in the penalty corner He had three goals. Bangladesh goalkeeper Asim Gopal could not prevent the penalty hurdles in the penalty corner. Bangladesh win penalty stroke after 2-0 China also failed to provide services for reviews. Ashraful 2-1 to give hope to the stroke. But at the end of the third round.
In the third quarter, Bangladesh did not score any goals. But Bangladesh’s dominance in the last quarter was obvious. In the previous four matches, Penalty Corner was just one. Period 50 to 54- Four penalty corners drawn in four minutes! Two goals from it 3-2 from Milan’s fast bowling attack Immediately after 3-3, Khorshed hit the penalty corner. Do not lose to lose! In this exciting shootout, El Joyo is in the tournament!

Happy start of South Africa

South African opener Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock were all set to bat at the target of 278.

South Africa made 113 in 19 overs without losing any wickets in the half-century. Hashim Amla was unbeaten on 53 and de Kock 60 runs.

Earlier, Bangladesh won the toss and decided to bat against South Africa. Mushfiqur Rahim’s century helped Bangladesh score 278 in seven overs in seven overs. Randana took four for 43 from South Africa.

In addition, Liton Das 21 runs in 29 runs, Imrul Kayes scored 31 runs, 43 runs with Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah 26 runs, Sabbir Rahman scored 19 runs and Saifuddin made 16 runs in 11 balls.

Bangladesh is in the new hope

After the Test, South Africa’s limited-overs cricket is coming out with new prospects After 2-0 win in the Test series, South Africa will want to put Bangladesh in the ODIs. However, the Bangladesh team’s environment has changed as Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and Shakib Al Hasan have joined South Africa. The visitors missed the nightmare and looked at the new beginning.

South Africa have more chances to beat Bangladesh in ODIs In the last series of both the teams that won Bangladesh 2-1. There is no reason to want Faf du Plessis, Hashim Amla, to take revenge on the country’s soil.

Returning to South Africa, one-day captain Mashrafe’s first target returned the team’s confidence. Mash started work on his own. Co-captain Shakib came forward. Bangladesh is forgetting the two bitter bitter taste Mashrafee, Shakib, Nasir Hossain and Mohammad Saif Uddin, at the Mangaon Oval, practiced for the first time. Off-spinner Mehdi Hassan Miraj, who missed the second Test in the second Test match with the ball,

Talking to journalists at the end of the course, the team’s manager and chief selector Minhazul Abedin said. He said, “The team thinking of the Test series is now only one-day series. Our preparations have started from today. Our ODI captain has come. Four new players joined the team. I believe we will certainly do well in ODIs. “

BPL 2017: BCB announces list for players’ draft

Smith wants to play more with Bangladesh

After almost a decade, white clothes were seen in Bangladesh and Australia. There have been many changes in world cricket at this time. The form of unbeatable Australia has changed. Bangladesh also has lost its promise to any party. Bangladesh now knows how to compete with everyone. That is why Steve Smith wants to play with regular Bangladesh.

In 2006, Australia lost to Bangladesh in Chittagong by innings After 11 years, Australia lost to Australia in the match after facing Bangladesh. Australia has realized that it is a dangerous group in their own conditions. Smith does not want to play with such a break with a team, ‘It will be very good to play again. 11 years is a long time. The way they played, the extraordinary. Lost in the first Test, here too there is a challenge. If you get a chance to play again, it will be very good.
Australia came to Bangladesh with the aim of spreading absolute dominance in the series. But Smith has had to go with the aim of saving the series against Chittagong. “I liked 2-0 more,” said Riley Smith on the sidelines of the series. It is disappointing not to win the first Test but to praise Bangladesh. They played very well throughout the series. It’s good to finish the 1-1 one-dayer. “

‘বাজে মুশফিকে’ আড়ালে ‘দুর্দান্ত মুশফিক’

মাঝেমধ্যেই কাঠগড়ায় ওঠে তাঁর কিপিং। সহজ স্টাম্পিং হাতছাড়া করেন। হাতছাড়া হয় সহজ কিংবা কঠিন ক্যাচ। পায়ের জড়তায় অতিরিক্ত রান পেয়ে যায় প্রতিপক্ষ। ব্যাটিংয়ে অনেক প্রশংসা কুড়োলেও উইকেটকিপিং নিয়ে প্রায়ই প্রশ্নের মুখে পড়তে হয় মুশফিকুর রহিমকে। আজ যেমন মিস করলেন ডেভিড ওয়ার্নারের স্টাম্পিং!

অস্ট্রেলীয় ওপেনার তখন ৭৩ রানে ব্যাট করছিলেন। ৫৭তম ওভারে মিরাজকে উড়িয়ে মারতে গিয়ে এসেছেন ডাউন দ্য উইকেটে। বল নেমে গিয়েছিলেন বেশ নিচে। বল একটু নিচু হয়ে আসায় ব্যাটে পাননি। মুশফিকও উইকেটের পেছনে দাঁড়িয়ে বলটা গ্লাভসে জমা করে স্টাম্প ভাঙতে পারেননি। ওয়ার্নার যতক্ষণে ক্রিজে ফিরেছেন, ঠিকমতো বলটা ধরতে পারলে তাঁকে তিনবার স্টাম্পিং করতে পারতেন মুশফিক।

উইকেটে জমে গেছেন ওয়ার্নার-হ্যান্ডসকম্ব

অস্ট্রেলিয়ার ইনিংসের শুরুতেই মুশফিকুর রহিম দুর্দান্ত এক ক্যাচে ফিরিয়েছিলেন ম্যাট রেনশকে। কিন্তু দিন শেষে সেই মুশফিকই এক বড় আক্ষেপের নাম। মেহেদী হাসান মিরাজের নিচু হয়ে যাওয়া বলটি ক্রিজ ছেড়ে বেরিয়ে খেলতে গিয়ে ডেভিড ওয়ার্নার যখন পুরোপুরিই পরাস্ত, ঠিক সেই সময় উইকেটের পেছনে দাঁড়িয়ে বলটি গ্লাভসে জমিয়ে স্টাম্প ভাঙতে ব্যর্থ হলেন বাংলাদেশের অধিনায়ক। ওয়ার্নার বোধ হয় নিজের চোখও বিশ্বাস করতে পারছিলেন না। কীভাবে বেঁচে গেলেন তিনি!