Different rooms in the new screen

Not only the new dress code, but also many people want to decorate the house. And it brings joy to the festival. The new thing may not be added all the time, but newness is brought in accordance with the arrangement of the house. There is no screen pair to bring an amusement festival. New colors in colors, designs can brighten the old house.
Chief Architect Mehrun Farzana of Arkavies said, the screen must be composed of the walls of the wall. If the color of the wall is mild, then the opposite and bright color will look good. Those who have big and heavy designs in their home furnishings – they do not have to use a splendid screen. In this case you can choose one color or a net screen of light design. The window that comes with more sunlight, hang it on the window dark color screen. Dark screen protects against excessive heating. At the same time, reducing the color of the screen will decrease. In the living room you can put a yellow, orange or maroon screen, a cartoon or floral print screen in the children’s room. Experts advised to use light-colored screen in bedroom.
Select the screen with the furniture of the house. To get the effect of the festival, also think about the screen rails. Bariari design and different color rails are not available in the market. Must be bought in accordance with the screen and the color of the room. Apart from this, the tartsel can be used to tie the screen. Smaller additions will change the color of the house, the design.
The eyelit (thick folding and top ring with curl) screen is now quite popular. Many people choose to wear a local motif on the cotton or khadi cloth to keep a banglian in the house.
Blindsprints, Jamdani designs, or Nakshinatha workshops, will be available in different fashion houses. Mirpur Rokeya Sarani Riyad Fabrics from Md. Azhar said, because of the difficulty of screening the pelmets, the buyers are more at risk for the eye-rendered screen. Currently there is more demand for cotton, jacket cloth and embossed cloths. Apart from this, the screen of the net and tissue cloth is always popular. Vendors think that there will be popularity in the front.

Use of tarts to keep the screen tight

There are screen shops in many markets including Elephant Road, Rokeya Sarani, Gulshan, New Market in the capital. Every piece of screen can be up from 800 to 2,500 rupees. If you want to buy as a yard, you will have to pay 400 rupees to 200 00 rupees. The price of the tarcel will be 300 to 1 thousand, the tarcel stand price 500 to 2 thousand taka. Apart from this, the screen is available in Aarong, K Craft, Anjan’s and other fashion houses. These screens of cotton or khadi cloth have block, batik or hand work. They will cost 900 to 2,500 rupees each.

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