Egg Pudding

Chicken Eggs, Fresh Refined Sugar, Rupchanda Soyabean Oil, Aarong Dairy UHT Full Cream Liquid Milk, Cinnamon (Daruchini)
1. First, put a little amount of oil in a bowl spread the sugar slightly and wait till it turns red. And thus, create the Caramel.
2. Then, cook the milk with sugar, cinnamon for a while and take the cinnamon out of it.
3. Then, take the egg in a different container.
4. When the thickened milk is a bit cold, mix it with egg well and cover the bowl with the lid.
5. Then, take a half of a water in a pot and place the bowl in the pot and put something heavy on it. After that, cook for 15-20 minutes and thus, the Egg Pudding will be made.

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