Recognition of Flora Systems Limited’s contribution to ICT sector

Bangladesh is working on the goal of moving forward as a digital nation. In the last few years, progress is ongoing with the combination of government and non-governmental organizations and joint efforts. The importance of creating local software companies and creating new entrepreneurs has been given in order to achieve economic development.

BASIS (Bangladesh Software and Information Service Providers), which controls the control of local software companies and information-technology organizations, jointly undertakes a joint venture with the Ministry of Information Technology to reward local software companies who are contributing in national development.

Flora Systems Limited has received the second runners-up award in the category of “Florabank” Online Banking Solutions Financial Industry Application (Custom Domain) in the local banking sector.

Note that “Flawrabank” online banking solution software is being used at 930 national and private sector banks in 2030 branches.

Mr. Zainaid Ahmed Palak, Minister of State for Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology, on October 10, 017, Mr. Zillah Ahmed, Chip Operating Officer and Mr. Mohammed Mohsin Khan, Senior Vice President and Project Director, Flora Systems Limited, organized the IDEB Building Auditorium in Dhaka. Handed him the prize.

BASIS President Mr. Mostafa Jabbar was also present at the award ceremony.

Pakistan’s ‘treasure hunts’

The people of Pakistan-controlled parts of Kashmir Valley are said to be sitting on the treasury. Millions of rubies are under the soil of this region, whose market value is close to half a billion dollars. But due to lack of resources and investment, they have to keep the treasure under the ground.
Huma Rizvi is one of the valuable stone traders in the region. He said, the improved ruby ​​found in Myanmar is similar to that of the rich Ruby that is under Pakistani soil. However, due to the lack of withdrawal process and lack of investment in infrastructure and technology, this potential region remains behind.
There is only one mine in this part of Kashmir Valley, and there is only one search site. Here the miners are excavating the search for possible gems. But a geological survey approved by the provincial executive committee has revealed that more than 40,000 kg rubies hide under the soil of this region. Other valuable substances, such as copper, gold and silver, are also about 50 thousand kg.
Director General of Pakistan’s Mining and Industrial Company (AKMIDC), Shahid Ayub said, the amount of precious stones in the region, if lifted, will be the fate of the whole area will change, experts say. But there are not enough money to spend on the expense of modern equipment that needs to be purchased or excavation of new mines to lift these stones. In India, the controversial control line often causes firing incidents, private companies are also discouraged from investing there.

Disney’s Sunny Sonny birthday

Sunny-Danielle couple went to Disneyland to celebrate the second birthday of the girl. Sunny, who is famous for her Bollywood debut, ‘Baby Doll’, is the only demand as a mother to fulfill all her dreams.

Sunny posted photos in Instagram in front of Disneyland. In the caption, “Nissar’s birthday is in Disney. Where all dreams come true.
Sunny and Danielle couple adopted a 21-month-old baby girl from Latur in Maharashtra this year. They named the girl Nisha.


How careful you are to wash your hands

If everyone had cleaned hands, then the number of infections would have been reduced to half. This information is from the World Health Organization. Cleanliness awareness is the most important to reduce invasive diseases. Washing hands right in the right time is a great element of this awareness.

When deciding how to clean hands, to ensure the well-being of the family. Make the children of the family aware about this, teach them also. Teach your family maid, neighboring people If necessary, talk about it at the restaurant, at the food store.

When to wash hands

l Before preparing or serving food

l Food time, play with spoon

l After changing the toilet and after changing the diapers of the children

l after catching animals or feeding or feeding

l nose rash, after sneezing and coughing

l After cleaning the house’s dirt-rubbish, cleaning the house, working in the garden or eating or working any soil

l Come back from the outside, after stairs, railing, door handle or handling the vehicle

l After serving the sick person

l After touching hands with others

How to wash hands

A soap is enough to wash hands well. Put your hands under the water of the water and first well soak it. Then put the soap in the entire hand. After 20 seconds, clear the palms of your palms, fingers, fingers, nails, and even wrists. Then wash all the soap in the water stream. Do not remove the dirty towels or clothes in hand.

Happy start of South Africa

South African opener Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock were all set to bat at the target of 278.

South Africa made 113 in 19 overs without losing any wickets in the half-century. Hashim Amla was unbeaten on 53 and de Kock 60 runs.

Earlier, Bangladesh won the toss and decided to bat against South Africa. Mushfiqur Rahim’s century helped Bangladesh score 278 in seven overs in seven overs. Randana took four for 43 from South Africa.

In addition, Liton Das 21 runs in 29 runs, Imrul Kayes scored 31 runs, 43 runs with Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah 26 runs, Sabbir Rahman scored 19 runs and Saifuddin made 16 runs in 11 balls.

Boyfriend fluttered in the burning car

An inhuman incident that took place in Brooklyn Queen’s Expressway in New York on Friday morning, with a terrible car accident. After the accident, a young man named Syed Ahmad was cut to death by hanging himself in a car. And soon after being burned alive lover hurlin.
It is learned that Syed Ahmad (23), who went out of the car with Infiniti G35 in front of girlfriend Harleen Grail. The vehicle was running faster than the Expressway. Ahmad was driving the car. Harleen sat next to him and sat next to Harleen. Eyewitnesses told police, suddenly the driver lost control of the divider. The push was so strong that, the car was set on fire. The fire spread throughout the moment at the moment. Ahmad lover, sitting in the driver’s seat, left Harlan on the death and left the car. But Harleen did not have that chance. He was burnt alive in a car and he was burnt.
Police said that Ahmad fled and escaped with another car leaving his girlfriend in a burning vehicle. Go straight to the hospital and treat yourself. But the last was not saved. Police has arrested him from the hospital after looking for him. New York Daily News.

Islamic University started the admission application

In the Islamic University, the admission application for the first year graduate (Honor) of the academic year 2013-18-18 has begun.

The application process began on Saturday from 12am on Saturday. Which will last 11 November for the night of November 10. All information related to admission can be known from the university’s web site (

Note that the admission test will be held from November 25 to 29

Toronto dancer, amazement, happy

On October 14, three artists were shot in Toronto on dance-drama. The two-day cultural event, held at the International Pavilion at Scarborough, was attended by Nachiketa Chakraborty of Kolkata, Chanchal Chowdhury of Dhaka and Shahnaz Khushi.

Nachiketa Musical Knights was a mini drama in addition to Nachiketa songs. It is – ‘Tatten’ and ‘Ghost of the ghost’ written by Vrindaban Das. Serving two plays – Chanchal Chowdhury and Shahnaz Khushi. They also serve two wishes.
Canada Cultural Organization (CBCO) organizer of this event. This cultural program will be held on October 15.

Meanwhile, in the Canadian Legion of 9-DZ Road, it was held today- ‘Bengali Writer Conference 2017’. Toronto Poet Laureate Anne Michaels, Poet Asad Chowdhury, Dilara Hafiz and local poets took part in this.

Different rooms in the new screen

Not only the new dress code, but also many people want to decorate the house. And it brings joy to the festival. The new thing may not be added all the time, but newness is brought in accordance with the arrangement of the house. There is no screen pair to bring an amusement festival. New colors in colors, designs can brighten the old house.
Chief Architect Mehrun Farzana of Arkavies said, the screen must be composed of the walls of the wall. If the color of the wall is mild, then the opposite and bright color will look good. Those who have big and heavy designs in their home furnishings – they do not have to use a splendid screen. In this case you can choose one color or a net screen of light design. The window that comes with more sunlight, hang it on the window dark color screen. Dark screen protects against excessive heating. At the same time, reducing the color of the screen will decrease. In the living room you can put a yellow, orange or maroon screen, a cartoon or floral print screen in the children’s room. Experts advised to use light-colored screen in bedroom.
Select the screen with the furniture of the house. To get the effect of the festival, also think about the screen rails. Bariari design and different color rails are not available in the market. Must be bought in accordance with the screen and the color of the room. Apart from this, the tartsel can be used to tie the screen. Smaller additions will change the color of the house, the design.
The eyelit (thick folding and top ring with curl) screen is now quite popular. Many people choose to wear a local motif on the cotton or khadi cloth to keep a banglian in the house.
Blindsprints, Jamdani designs, or Nakshinatha workshops, will be available in different fashion houses. Mirpur Rokeya Sarani Riyad Fabrics from Md. Azhar said, because of the difficulty of screening the pelmets, the buyers are more at risk for the eye-rendered screen. Currently there is more demand for cotton, jacket cloth and embossed cloths. Apart from this, the screen of the net and tissue cloth is always popular. Vendors think that there will be popularity in the front.

Use of tarts to keep the screen tight

There are screen shops in many markets including Elephant Road, Rokeya Sarani, Gulshan, New Market in the capital. Every piece of screen can be up from 800 to 2,500 rupees. If you want to buy as a yard, you will have to pay 400 rupees to 200 00 rupees. The price of the tarcel will be 300 to 1 thousand, the tarcel stand price 500 to 2 thousand taka. Apart from this, the screen is available in Aarong, K Craft, Anjan’s and other fashion houses. These screens of cotton or khadi cloth have block, batik or hand work. They will cost 900 to 2,500 rupees each.

Bangladesh is in the new hope

After the Test, South Africa’s limited-overs cricket is coming out with new prospects After 2-0 win in the Test series, South Africa will want to put Bangladesh in the ODIs. However, the Bangladesh team’s environment has changed as Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and Shakib Al Hasan have joined South Africa. The visitors missed the nightmare and looked at the new beginning.

South Africa have more chances to beat Bangladesh in ODIs In the last series of both the teams that won Bangladesh 2-1. There is no reason to want Faf du Plessis, Hashim Amla, to take revenge on the country’s soil.

Returning to South Africa, one-day captain Mashrafe’s first target returned the team’s confidence. Mash started work on his own. Co-captain Shakib came forward. Bangladesh is forgetting the two bitter bitter taste Mashrafee, Shakib, Nasir Hossain and Mohammad Saif Uddin, at the Mangaon Oval, practiced for the first time. Off-spinner Mehdi Hassan Miraj, who missed the second Test in the second Test match with the ball,

Talking to journalists at the end of the course, the team’s manager and chief selector Minhazul Abedin said. He said, “The team thinking of the Test series is now only one-day series. Our preparations have started from today. Our ODI captain has come. Four new players joined the team. I believe we will certainly do well in ODIs. “