Flower is a very valuable gifts of Allah. All of us are fond of flowers. Flowers in various functions. Flowers are of various types, both in color and in scent. In Bangladesh flowers are now cultivated very widely. Cultivations of flowers may prove to be a good soorce of income.So we should pay due attention to the cultivation of flowers. 

Rosa 'Mister Lincoln' (Hybrid Tea Rose)Rose, belly flower — Steemitbelly, Kath golap Flower | কাঠগোলাপ ফুল পরিচিতি | কাঠগোলাপ ফুল | Flowers Name | Frangipani - YouTubewood rose, Hibiscus Red - জবা লালjaba, Rongon Red - রঙ্গন লালrangan, Marigold 3 colour - গাঁদাGatha, Palash tree Stock Photos, Images & Photography | Shutterstockpalash, shimul, sunflower, Dalia  Shapla are all Bangladeshi flowers.