Month: December 2017

Space floating in space

All the people of the world are the happiest place in their home. But it is normal to get boredom in the same house every day. A group of architects is contemplating new habitats to save this boredom from life, A group of Cloud Architectural Office plans to create such a floating floating apartment. They

The Great Victory Day of bangladesh today

Today is December 16, the great Victory Day of Bangladesh. The day of bhandhbhanga happy. Today, the biggest achievement of the life of the Bengali nation is today. The day of fulfillment of the dream of freedom from the sea of ​​one sea. By the fate of Pakistani rulers, by exploiting the exploitation, oppression and

Rahul’s challenge to Shehzad

Maharashtra Congress Committee Shehzad Punawala, sitting directly challenging Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on the eve of presidential election In a letter to Rahul, he said, drop the post of vice president. Give the right to vote for the actual representatives. I’m ready to compete against you. Shehzad Punhawala writes in the letter, that which is

Pakan Pita

Winter means the time to prepare different types of cakes. Different people choose different types of cakes. Someone’s choice is filled with potsapata, somebody’s milk-laden puddy, some people like to have a cup of juice. A lot of food is done in the juice of roasted pajamas. Method 2 cups liquid milk 2 cups rice