28 Dec, 2017

Space floating in space

All the people of the world are the happiest place in their home. But it is normal to get boredom in the same house every day. A group of architects is contemplating new habitats to save this boredom from life, A group of Cloud Architectural Office plans to create such a floating floating apartment. They are thinking that they are thinking about the future. The most surprising thing is that the space floating in space will not stay in one place. It will be able to roam around the globe, like a satellite circulating around the globe. This floating building will be located in an orbit of space. This floating building has been named ‘Analema Tower’. Floating tower will be built in Dubai.

Scientists are planning to use a giant asteroid to create a floating building in space. The floating building will be stuck under the orbit in the orbit outside the orbit. The asteroids traveling from the Earth’s orbital orbits will travel from the north to the southern hemisphere. In other words, this floating building from New York to Dubai can walk around everywhere. Anthala Tower’s designer Ajatap Rudakovich said that using this kind of brick-built stone will make use of comparatively light and durable materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. Under the asteroids, the tower will be locked down with powerful cables. Solar systems will be used for all types of fuel from the power of the tower. And the clouds and rain water will be used to solve the problem of water. The tower will roam the sky 300 miles per hour. The residents of the floating tower have announced that they can keep regular communication with the world at the same time. According to them, if it succeeds in future, instead of Earth, many more such apartments will be formed in space. – CNN

24 Dec, 2017

3 Indian soldiers killed by Pakistani Rangers firing in Kashmir

Three Indian soldiers, including one Indian army officer, were shot dead by Pakistani Rangers in the Kerry sector of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir. The incident took place on Saturday, Indian Army said.

According to the army sources, the Pakistani troops fired on Indian army patrols along the border line in Keri sector top barrage Gala. The Indian army also replied back. For a long time, there was huge exchange of fire between the two sides. At that time a military officer and two jawans were shot. They died on the spot.

Major Officer of the killed army officer Major Prafulla The injured soldiers were rushed to the hospital. Army sources said more than 120 soldiers of the infantry brigade were killed.

16 Dec, 2017

The Great Victory Day of bangladesh today

Today is December 16, the great Victory Day of Bangladesh. The day of bhandhbhanga happy. Today, the biggest achievement of the life of the Bengali nation is today. The day of fulfillment of the dream of freedom from the sea of ​​one sea. By the fate of Pakistani rulers, by exploiting the exploitation, oppression and misrule, on this day of 1971, the dawn of the dew was wet in the light of the Sun in the light of the sun. The black section of arbitrary exploitation, deprivation and torture of thirty-three years of Pakistani government’s rule ended.

This monastery was initiated through the surrender of the historic Roskaurs grounds (now Suhrawardy Udyan) of about 92,000 Pakistani soldiers. On this day, the people of the Bangalee nation had taken the red-green flag of the Red-Green flag as a fight against the aggressive forces. The world is formed on the face of an independent-sovereign Bangladesh.

Today is 46 years of victory. On the occasion of the Great Victory Day, President Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave separate messages.

After nine months of bloody struggle, in the exchange of millions of lives in 1971, our freedom has been achieved. The nation will remember with great reverence and love, those martyrs who have been acquired in exchange for their dedication, our beloved independence. Remember that those brave soldiers who came to the rescue of Pran’s maya in order to give a happy prosperous Bangladesh for endless exploitation due to the expulsion of exploitation. In respect of the highest sacrifice of men and women, we will be honored and expressed gratitude to all those who are free today. In order to celebrate the Day of Honor, the holistic preparation of state-wide programs has been taken.

Without showing respect to the verdict of the people of the elections of 1970, the Pakistanis resorted to conspiracies to keep power in control. The ruling group began to dispel the power of handing over power to the Awami League, who had won a decisive victory under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. As a result of the anger, the then East Pakistan Bangabandhu’s historic speech at the then Race Course ground on 7 March 1971, ‘The struggle of liberation, struggle of liberation’ This year’s struggle, the struggle for independence, promotes the freedom of people’s freedom. When Dhaka was fierce, the Pakistani ruling class chose the path of suppressing our liberation spirit. In the darkness of the night arbitrarily unarmed people were born through the murder of Kalaratri of 25 March. After that, the journey of our individual path becomes final and the journey of our separate path. Not with them anymore. The final battle started from March 26. The Pakistan army accepted defeat after the liberation war for 9 months. Today, on 1971, at the Racecourse Maidan (Suhrawardy Udyan) 91 thousand 498 people were regular irregular and semi-military soldiers. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi surrendered to Chief of the Combined Army General Jagjit Singh Arora Beginning the journey of independent sovereign Bangladesh


On the occasion of celebrating the great Victory Day, huge programs have been taken by various political, social and cultural organizations. At the sunrise, President Md. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will put wreaths at Savar National Memorial. Then the Birshreshtha family, wounded freedom fighters and hero freedom fighters will present wreaths under the leadership of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs Ministry. Foreign diplomats located in Bangladesh, the members of the Allied forces participating in the liberation war of Bangladesh and members of various political and social organizations, including wreaths, will pay tribute to the martyrs of the freedom fighters. Prime Minister will pay tribute at Bangabandhu’s portrait at 8am. At 8:15 am, the Prime Minister will release the postage stamp on the occasion of Victory Day at Gonobhaban. At 10am at Tejgaon Old Airport, the colorful parade of the combined parade of the National Parade Square and the activities of different ministries will be held based on the mechanical fleet. President Md. Abdul Hamid will attend the parade and attend the salute. The Prime Minister will be present at the parade. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will attend the reception of President at Bangabhaban at 3:30 pm The Prime Minister will deliver a speech through video conferencing at the cultural program organized at Suhrawardy Udyan on the occasion of the great Victory Day at 7pm.

Today, national flags will be hoisted in all government, semi-government, autonomous and non-government buildings and important buildings and structures will be decorated with light. The main roads and roadways of Dhaka and different cities of the country will be decorated with national flags and other flags. Players of different groups of different musical instruments will play different places in Dhaka. Highlighting the significance of the day, the press releases special programs and electronic media will publish various programs based on Liberation War. On this occasion, various social and cultural organizations including Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangla Academy, National Museum, Liberation War Museum, Bangladesh Shishu Academy will organize liberation war based discussions, cultural programs, children’s portraiture, composition and sports competitions and liberation war based documentary shows. In addition, reception of members of the brave freedom fighters and martyr families of metropolitan, district and upazila will be held. Bangladesh Postal Department will issue commemorative postal stamp. Special prayers and deputies seeking peace and progress of the country in religious institutions

9 Dec, 2017

Saudi Prince Salman is purchasing the Vinni artwork for 450 million dollars

A 500-year-old picture of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings was sold at record prices last month in New York. Vichy’s painting ‘Jesus Christ’ was sold for about $ 450 million. The value of Bangladeshi money is about 3 thousand 700 crore. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has bought the painting anonymously Although the name of the buyer is not known, Wall Street Journal cited the US Intelligence Agency on Thursday, saying that Prince Salman has purchased the painting. Recently, in the name of the anti-corruption campaign, the Saudi government seized about 200 people including Prince and businessman. Prince Salman is led by the expedition.

He is a relative of the prince of the prince. According to a senior source involved in industrial activity in the Middle East, according to him, Prince Salman has purchased the painting in his name. In the last one year Prince Badar bin Abdullah took part in various auctions and bought big houses. It is believed that he did not buy these houses for himself. Someone took part in an auction. Another source from the intelligence agency said that while Badar is the name of the paper, the main buyer is Prince Salman. The identity of the buyer was not known last month. He took part in the auction for 20 minutes on the telephone. Luvar Abu Dhabi, the museum on Wednesday said that the painting will be in place.

The art sold at the record price is known as ‘Salvatato Mundi’ (World’s Savior or Sevier of the World). For any painting it is the highest ever auction record. The British auction house Christie was very happy with this. It is believed that ‘Salvatto Mundi’ was drawn in some years after 1505. And it was in private collection. The final price was $ 400 million in the auction of the painting. With the different fees, the value of this was worth 450 million dollars. In the painting, it is seen that Jesus Christ is holding one hand, and on the other hand he is holding a round glass. This painting was sold for $ 60 in 1958 in London. At that time, Leonardo himself did not draw the artwork. This is to draw a follower of it. This painting is not yet recognized worldwide by Leonardo.

5 Dec, 2017

Rahul’s challenge to Shehzad

Maharashtra Congress Committee Shehzad Punawala, sitting directly challenging Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on the eve of presidential election In a letter to Rahul, he said, drop the post of vice president. Give the right to vote for the actual representatives. I’m ready to compete against you.

Shehzad Punhawala writes in the letter, that which is going to be called Enforcement Enrollment Voted with the favorite representatives. To Rahul, he said that this is a democratic party’s election. Certainly not a family business.

The process of election for the post of Congress has begun. Rahul’s name Congress Working Committee has already been unanimously proposed. If any candidate does not submit nomination papers, Rahul will be declared unanimously in December without a contest. But this challenge just a few days ago.

Shehzad knows the consequences of giving Rahul the challenge. He wrote that, he says, ‘It takes courage to raise a voice against injustice. Let me and you take part in the television debate about what you think about the team. “In the letter, he wrote,” I agree to fight if I vote in accordance with the party’s constitution. But what is going to happen in the name of the vote is that farce. Filled with money Those who voted, none of them are elected by the rules. Everyone is nominated. “He also said this to Rahul, that there should be a rule in Congress that a single family member can get the party ticket.

3 Dec, 2017

Pakan Pita

Winter means the time to prepare different types of cakes. Different people choose different types of cakes. Someone’s choice is filled with potsapata, somebody’s milk-laden puddy, some people like to have a cup of juice. A lot of food is done in the juice of roasted pajamas.


2 cups liquid milk

2 cups rice powder

One pinch of salt

Two eggs

2 teaspoons ghee

For the shirk

2 cups sugar

4 cups of water


1) Make the milk warm in a saucepan. Salt to this day is a little. If the milk is blossomed, then immediately add rice powder to it. Mix rice powder and keep it low for 5 minutes. Take it down again. The mixture will be dried dry.

2) Create vein on this gap. Combine water and sugar together and boil 5-7 minutes more. A little thin vein.

3) Prepare rice powder yeast. Separate the eggs and mix them a little bit with yeast, do not give it at all. Gather with it. See if the ghee is not too soft. Make a paste with a small mold or a cookie cut. Make all the cakes together and then fry them.

4) Heat oil for frying pan. Petha one side reddish golden and then turn it upside down. Slow down on both sides. You can lift the oil directly from the veins. Cover the cough with a spacing of 2-3 hours. If you wish, you can prepare the milk in it and make a paste of this cake.